Seminar mit GM Latosa

This year’s open seminar with GM Latosa will be the beginning sequence
of a series of consecutive follow-up seminars. GM Latosa is going to
teach in detail on a certain topic from this year on during each open
seminar. The single topics will be repeated within the following years
in case seminars will be missed.

The seminars offer the possibility to restructure ones personal concepts
and make them more sustainable. Technical questions can be dealt with in
particular during the seminar.

The topic for 2008 will be: still to be named

This year’s seminar takes place on Friday, the 19,09,2008 in
Velbert-Neviges in the town hall. Address: Town hall Neviges,
Wilhelmstraße 31, 42553 Velbert, Germany.

Start: 18.30 End: 22.30

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Datum: 19.09.08
in: 42553 Velbert
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